May 9, 2016

The 10 best YouTube channels on politics

With the political polarization that makes so much noise in the country, mass population agreed. The awakening is slow. Gradually the Brazilian begins to empathize by the media, wanting to learn about this chaos walking surrounding us. The more chaos, more information Brazilian search. I do not believe the mainstream media information is enough for us today. There is still a belief holdover in magazines that have a full dialogue with the government, but they can camouflage themselves in a pseudo-opposition, such as the View.

The indexes according to IBGBrincs, show that the number of sheets of the Charter Capital and Political Pragmatism walking replacing the toilet paper has increased. The Brazilian is getting smart’re reading it provides and informing the right way.

As we all have the habit of reading such magazines and portals on the Internet, nothing better than to seek information for a social network still lacking information.

Thanks to this, then organized a TOP 10 of the best YouTube channels that talk about politics and can help YOU to get free youtube views.

Confer with me:

TOP 10 – Lobão Interview

The rocker has supported the Lula’s Workers Party, it is opposition for a long time. The reverse of Tico Santa Cruz, as well as proving to be a great writer – praised even by Olavo de Carvalho – walk contributing much on Youtube with your chats made via Hangout.

On your channel, you can find his interviews with Olavo de Carvalho, Luis Felipe Pondé, Joice Hasselmann and co.

Already go forward, Lobão takes much way Jô Soares.

Channel:  Lobão Interview

TOP 9 – Free Tuesday


In addition to the staff keep an incredible completely independent portal, your YouTube channel is even richer.

In addition to daily videos on the political and economic situation of the country, the TLpromotes insane Hangouts with our dear friends opposition.

Channel:  Tuesday Free

TOP 8 – Rodrigo Constantino


Rodrigo Constantino is a stamped opposition figure. Despite his broken with Prof. Olavo de Carvalho, Rodrigo has a great experience when it comes to politics and economics.

Former columnist of Veja, has written 8 books, including Left caviar and Privatize already. Rodrigo is president of the Liberal Institute and was elected by Epoca magazine as one of the “new trombones right.”

Your channel has daily and brief videos. Rodrigo exposes very well summarized way all the issues that need the attention of the Brazilian people.

Channel:  Rodrigo Constantino


TOP 7 – Leandro Ruschel 


The gaucho owns one of the best blogs on investments in the international market, theGlobal Liberta .

On your channel, Leandro performs one of the best interviews with Olavo de Carvalho, a very rare feat in the middle of the mainstream media, there every day, try to hide the teachings of the Old.

Also, on your channel, Leandro makes constant videos always analyzing politics and the economy.

Channel:  Leandro Ruschel

TOP 6 – Alexandre Seltz


Degree in History from the Federal University of Goiás, is a professor in public the same state.

Seltz is conservative and openly gay. That is, on its own excellence, is a great travador battles against allusive victimizations departing from the Gay Movement in Brazil.

Alexandre Seltz makes daily videos, always in exact times that the bombs explode. More updated it, just even Big Ben.

Channel:  Alexandre Seltz

TOP 5 – Maro Philosopher


1 year ago on Youtube, the philosopher with respect Viking already over 58,000 subscribers.

Your videos are purely philosophical. His political analyzes are based in the Scholastic philosophy whose principle, the pursuit of absolute truth.

The calm that has Maro on camera is something impressive. With its light and very well articulated diction, he can arrest anyone interested in the topic for an indefinite time.

Channel:  Maro Philosopher

 TOP 4 – Nando Moura


Giving Boura, the Mophóbics !!!

Nando besides making accurate daily analysis of politics and Brazil and the world economy, is a master when it comes to music. Former student at Berklee College of Music, can analyze the most classical way all musical genres. Since the most beautiful notes of Beethoven even the most spoiled falsetto Mc Melody.

The roqueirão is great right star on Youtube. With its nearly 500,000 subscribers and 73 million views. Nando Moura has done more for the opposition with your videos from the PSDB in 20 years.

One of his most famous videos, is your interview with Bolsonaro. Interview that that was the most consistent ever made with the presidential candidate in 2018.

Channel:  Nando Moura

TOP 3 – Luiz Felipe Pondé


Former medical student Federal da Bahia, to put down the scalpel to dedicate to Philosophy (imagine the reaction of his family after this choice).

Anyway, we only have to thank him. Doctor from the University of Paris and Post-doctorate from Tel Aviv University, has written several books. Among them, the politically incorrect guide philosophy and the politically incorrect guide to sex.

It is weekly columnist for Folha. Professor of Theology at PUC and FAAP.

Joined YouTube in late 2015 and makes weekly videos. The themes are incredible. Always short videos, Pondé speaks from Conservatism, through Poliamorismo and even teaching you how to light a pipe.

Pondé is the guy! A full replacement of Nelson Rodrigues.

Channel:  Luiz Felipe Pondé

TOP 2 – Radical ideas


Rafael Lima, the channel owner, although young, we already regard him as the greatest exponent of Liberalism on Youtube.

Owner of perfect economic explanations. It looks like no one the most chaotic sector of our country, the economy.

Raphael makes video diaries on the situation of Brazil. Also, perfectly sums up the thought of the Austrian school in his collection of videos about Capitalism, leaving no bare Socialist.

You still do not know capitalism and still believe in the failed utopias of socialism, just follow the channel this boy you cure in less than one week.

Channel:  Ideas Radicals

TOP 1 – No mask Media


The MSM emerged in 2002 as a completely independent digital magazine.

To date, this media is must read for anyone who wants to follow an honest scenario news.

In 2007 a channel was created on Youtube. 2 years ago there is not posted anything. This may sadden you. You must be wondering, “How do I know the current scenario with a disabled channel for more than two years?”. The answer is easy, the channel has more than 100 video lessons from Prof. philosophy course Olavo de Carvalho.

The man who predicted the terror PT 20 years ago, when nobody even knew what the PT.Alone denounced the Forum of Sao Paulo and lost all their jobs because of it.

This channel will help you to know the philosophy of one of the greatest philosophers who ever was in the country.

You may like it or not. “Scolds him” astrologer or the like. That anyone does. I want to see it, is to take one of his books and try to deconstruct it. In fact, I doubt it, is not thrilled with the writing of the old man.

April 4, 2016

Brain IQ Plus: Read This Report Before Buying

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March 28, 2016


Politics is a resource of the handiest for the big screen. A genre like any other with a particularity: the protagonists are usually more expensive than an icosahedron and is usually quality films, based on real events and almost always with an elaborate plot in which power almost never too good. If there is a universal theme that knows neither borders nor language, is this. We all suffer, but not in silence, insurance survive this breed, along with cockroaches, to a nuclear war. As Jardiel Poncela (1901-1952) said: “Whoever does not dare to be smart, it becomes political.” And projectfreetv has carried out a collection of free movies to watch online on the topic of politics.

Donald Rumsfeld, unknown certainties (The Unknown Known: The Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld, 2013). Directed by Errol Morris .

Donald Rumsfeld, unknown certainties

If Errol Morris held a work essential viewing with ‘ rumors of war ‘(The Fog of War) is not negligible’ Donald Rumsfeld, unknown certainties ‘, a work probably underestimated because it fails to outline a monstrous vision of ex- United States Secretary of Defense.

Rumsfeld was accused of war crimes because of the crimes committed in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo , and during the Iraq war .


Deadpool (2016)

Click to watch dead pool for free on Movietube.


In the Loop (2009). Directed by Armando Iannucci.

In the Loop

Satire is a very attractive asset when the topic is politics. In this list there are several examples.In this case, humor is a clear English accent.


Wag the Dog (Wag the Dog, 1997). Directed by Barry Levinson .

Wag the Dog

Barry Levinson is a mediocre filmmaker. But when you use a good script of someone like David Mamet and get it interpreted Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro, you need to be a genius of the collapse to form not an interesting movie.


All the President’s Men (All the President’s Men, 1976). Directed by Alan J. Pakula .

All the President's Men

Two journalists started an investigation that lead to the well-known case “Watergate,” which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

It consigió four Oscars. Interestingly, none of them went to the protagonists star Robert Redfordand Dustin Hoffman . Yes got Jason Robards best supporting actor.


Z. (1969). Directed by Constantin Costa-Gavras .


Both ‘ Z ‘, as’ Missing ‘and’ confession ‘(L’Aveu), all directed by Costa-Gavras , are films that can not miss on a list like this.


Memories of Underdevelopment (1968). Directed by  Thomas G. Alea .

Memories of Underdevelopment

Renowned Cuban film about the revolution in this country, based on the novel by Edmundo Desnoes . Through an interior monologue contradictions of bourgeois shown, and its reflection in society.


Or: How? Strangelove (Dr. Strangelove, 1964). Directed by Stanley Kubrick .

Or: How? Strangelove

Political satire set during the Cold War. Kubrick , in their efforts to engage in all film genres, triumphs with this comedy that ridicules those who pull the strings of the world.


The political (All the King’s Men, 1949). Directed by Robert Rossen .

The politician

Three Oscars for the film that tells the corruption of an honest man when he decided to enter politics.


Mr. Smith (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939). Directed by Frank Capra .

Mr. Smith

Authentic classic film where James Stewart plays a young idealist who was appointed senator, and held a strong defense of democracy and a fight against corruption.

Thank you very much for reading and don’t forget that you are always able to watch movies online at

February 22, 2016

The best books of political science

Any basis in political science starts with a familiarity with the texts that have reflected their time and helped define the future direction of political science. Political leaders have read and are aware of many of the principles outlined in these works. Even opponents of thinkers like Machiavelli had to engage with their ideas in order to refute them.

“The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli

“The Prince” ( “Prince”) of Niccolo Machiavelli was so influential that the author’s name has become an adjective representative of a political approach . Although Machiavelli was personally unsuccessful as Florentine politician, his theories were widely read in the sixteenth century and is still read today. “The Prince” ( “Prince”), suggests that, for a leader, “it is better to be feared than loved.” To intimidate and control their constituents, argued Machiavelli, a leader has a greater opportunity to enact benevolent and productive public policies.

“Two Treatises of Government”  by John Locke

“Two Treatises of Government” ( “Two Treatises of Government”) by John Locke was first published in 1689, although Locke himself was not satisfied with the errors of in editions distributed during its . Spurred by the “Glorious Revolution” in England, Locke’s work led criticism of authoritarian rulers who claimed the divine right and argued for the legitimacy of laws limiting the powers of government. His writings have inspired the modern liberalism and were a major influence on the American and French revolutions in the eighteenth century.

“Diplomacy” by Henry Kissinger

“Diplomacy” ( “Diplomacy”) Henry Kissinger reflects the of one of the major American political figures of the twentieth century. Kissinger, who was national security adviser and secretary of state during the Nixon and Ford administration, was a controversial figure, often causing intimidation and other brutal methods to achieve a political end. Its volume of 900 pages follows the international political history of the early seventeenth century to the twentieth century, reflecting on the continuities in political and diplomatic traditions of American diplomacy.

“Politics” by Aristotle

Policy is the most famous literary works of Aristotle , who lived from 384 a. And 322 EC. BCE (Before Common Era). This book is often considered the antithesis of the aforementioned The Republic of Plato and Aristotle strongly disputes the class conception of society Plato. This work of eight books defines nothing more and nothing less than organizing a Republic with three independent political powers (executive, legislative and judicial) elected directly by the demos, which is composed of citizens politically equal men .

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

Click alchemist to read the novel online (free).

The importance of this work today is indisputable. Incredibly, the political organization of modern states has been designed over 2000 years ago. But it does, and this makes this book much more than a work of philosophy, a classic.

February 19, 2016


Needless to say, the present system costs a neuron horrors spend on something other than business. It goes without saying. Montaigne quote or discuss Flaubert and “Madame Bovary” is something that is very big, almost as big as his own greed.

Intellectual emptiness is, as always, projects in all areas of knowledge. Gatherings of moviegoers are replaced by verduleras yards. The literature gives way to the “best-seller” zero quality, sociology is reinterpreted footballing and Pep Guardiola is considered a philosopher, an intellectual.

This week I discovered that the current political thinking revolves around culinary recipes. The lobster right, the left bread crumbs, the best kitchen faucet.Hence a romantic dinner with his wife Varoufakis claims to be the big hit ABC offered the Greek left. A lack of arguments, anything goes. In a world where youth can graduate from college without reading a single manual, culinary argument seems to be the philosopher’s stone on which to build the conservative discourse, the keystone to defeat the left.

Right circulating today without complex, making culture a “sayo” Tiny where not fit more than harmless small groups of intellectuals with glasses or “perroflautas” writing thesis on Bakunin while being frisked by “Autonomous” called “MMossos “David Fernandez, who has suffered them in their own flesh.

If you’re right-you have to run without complex, and if you ask for a book say that with so much work there is no time to read. After all, you you earn bread currando not like these types of the Greek left, who just want to put it together, create disorder in a country where lack discipline. Some guys like Varoufakis have much free time, hence to write essays as The Global Minotaur . And over dinner either type without remorse, not as Javier Lopez Menacho, who, in an act of contrition, as shown in the photo, apologizes to ABC for its culinary excesses while reminding us that his “I Precarious” it has been translated into Greek. And the young people in Spain live at full blast, including tapas cuttlefish and shrimp scampi. George Orwell put it well in his 1984 : war is peace,  freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.  And in today’s totalitarianism, precarity is plenty.

February 7, 2016

House of Cards and other essential series on politics in the USA

Because of the crisis, there is something about politics what we love to talk: the series

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, actors ‘House of Cards’

Due to the poor (and justified opinion) that exists in Spain on members of the political class and education that many have received from parents and grandparents who lived firsthand the time of Franco, the policy is still an issue with which most Spaniards feel especially comfortable , and although in recent years, and because of the crisis, this is changing, there is something about politics what we love to talk: the series.

Thanks to the enormous range of issues that exist in the world of television fiction, politics has become a genre explode in recent years, and although there is still virtually no title of this type created and set in Spain, those which are set in the United States of America are numerous, among them ‘House of Cards ‘, one of the last phenomenon of success in this environment and series that will debut its third season next year 2015.

So far, this fiction starring Kevin Spacey was one of the titles by which the Netflix platform (which emits seasons of its series to complete so that there was no waiting weeks between one chapter and another) has received better acceptance.

Issued in Spain by Canal + in the usual way (weekly chapters), ‘ House of Cards’ has to his credit with episodes directed by David Fincher (Twin Peaks), Joel Schumacher (8MM) or James Foley (The Corruptor) and we tells the ambitious c arrera Congressman Francis Underwood (inspired Kevin Spacey is the real engine of the series) to get to the White House at the price it costs.

Realistic, hard in their approaches and dialogues that get put the willies viewers, this series (which adapts a novel and a British miniseries) is only the last of the titles with which we learned about the American political system and of course, if you want to know more about this world so different from ours, television gives us the opportunity thanks to titles like the ones I suggest below. Watch TV Series Online Here:

The West Wing of the White House

The reference series on American politics until the arrival of ‘House of Cards ‘ has a Martin Sheenwho is recognized as the actor who best portrayed an American president, and is set in the mandate of Democratic President Josiah Bartlet ( Sheen) and decisions and situations that occur around her figure, and out of the Oval Office, which is located in the west wing of the White House

Political Animals

Starring Sigourney Weaver and inspired by the life of Hillary Clinton , tried to show the difficulties that people in the White House and the personal and social price paid by the former first lady face.

Political Animals’ (Political Animals) consists of only six episodes, but without doubt, offers a very different view of American politicians, especially their families .


With just begun its fourth season, the series starring Kerry Washington could also fall into the category of series of lawyers, but considering that the main customer of your character is the President of the United States, the title fits perfectly into this post on American politics.

In Scandal, Washington, plays Oliva Pope, an expert lawyer handling crises and scandals, no doubt, will not come too bad the corrupt Francis Underwood of ‘House of Cards ‘.


There is also room for humor in politics, and away some titles so serious now collect a title of HBOstarring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the famous Elaine Benes of Seinfeld.

In Veep, Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, vice president of the United States, a woman with a somewhat strained relationship with the president and key comedy tries to climb the last step to become the first president of the United States.

The series, which premiered shortly fifth season, has received rave reviews and has been nominated several times for the Emmys and Golden Globes, rising its protagonist as best comedy actress Emmy in 2012, something that ties with ‘ House of Cards’ series despite having more nominations (and several prizes such as address, photograph or distribution) he has just received a statuette actress Robin Wright as best dramatic actress Golden Globe in 2013.

the KennedyŽs

Finally and still offer variety in this genre, our latest proposal travels to the 30s to tell the story of the family Kennedy in a eight-episode miniseries produced by the History Channel (the same that brings Vikings or the recent biopic of Harry Houdini)

Issued in Spain in 2012 by Cosmopolitan TV and Telecinco (first pay channel and then open), theshow was an excellent year on the history surrounding one of the most famous US presidential families , taking 30s in the late 60 on an odyssey about the tragedies suffered by this family to which many considered cursed and that even with this product, the miniseries was broadcast problems.

Shallow politically others of our candidates, it is a great product for a stretch, and is locked to perfection in this post where, with ‘ House of Cards ‘ central title issues have revolved about the politics surrounding the White House, allowing us to cover, on another occasion, title less “presidential” politics as ‘ Spin City ‘ (which rotates on the new York mayor) or ‘ Yes, Ministe r’, the series safe that excited the deceased British Iron Lady.

January 18, 2016

Pregnancy in politics, a debate that continues

Susana Díaz, ya fuera de cuentas.

The President of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, has been a mother for the first time this evening in the hospital gynecologist nyc of Seville Valme . Enough with it pressed Medical Center maternity in policy debate to the table again.As happens every time.

Aware of the suspicions that still arouses a pregnancy when a public role of responsibility, one of the first things that made Susana Díazwas reassuring to voters, party and opposition colleagues. My pregnancy “will not affect at all the electoral calendar”, she said, because “I conciliaré normally, as do thousands of women”. A rationale that in no case would rule one of their male counterparts.

What do your maternity leave? How will you balance the Presidency of the Board with the care of the baby? They are issues arising in the case of politicians not but that the policies do them is often. As you do so, most likely it that Diaz receive criticism from some sector. At least this was the case on previous occasions.

The pregnancy of her party, Carme Chacón, roommate gave much to talk about. Became the first pregnant woman to be Minister. The first Minister of defence, also. He reviewed troops from Afghanistan with her seven-month-old baby in the gut. He had to travel to the country on a special medical team. It was April 19, 2008, when it produced that picture, described as ‘historical’. But the situation has not changed almost since then.

Chacon decided to share maternity leave with your partner down, an alternative in the law. Maternal permission consists of 16 weeks or 112 consecutive days. Of those 16 weeks, six are compulsory, which were those that enjoyed the then Minister. The other 10 are optional and transferable, in whole or in part, to the father. The Ministeralso opted to move to a floor of the Ministry of defence to live, to reconcile better work and personal life. Of course, it was criticized.

Harder still were the comments with the Vice-President of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, who had her baby three years after Chacón, in 2011. Just 10 days after giving birth, she returned to frontline. The criticisms came from the first moment. If it was not a good example of conciliation, which is prejudicial to the rights of women, etc. So much so that the Government – very reluctant then and now to provide information which is considered ‘private’ – went out to the passage to say that “the agenda of the Vice President was minimal” and she said that it was adapted to feeding schedules. “The shots must be given them; that is impepinable,”he said in an interview.

A problem that not only affects Spain

Rachida Dati, the French Minister of Justice in the Government ofSarkozy, joined the work just five days after having her son, by caesarean section. He admitted that he acted so “out of fear” to be “away” from his post. A decision that was not well view or by their own political peers, as the own Carme Chacón, who questioned this approach.

On the opposite side, to lay claim to the maternity leave and the right to conciliation were two parliamentary that called ‘ Euromadres‘. First it was the Danish Hanne Dahl, who came in 2010 to a plenary session of the European Parliament with her baby in her arms. Up to that moment was an unknown. From that day it became a symbol of the struggle to improve the reconciliation. “I had no choice but, my husband had to attend a meeting in Copenhagen. I took it because I had to vote”, he explained to

The maternal scene repeated it shortly after the Italian Licia Ronzulli, Member of the party people of freedom (PDL) of the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. It was your baby and received the applause of his colleagues.

Meanwhile, they…

Among the politicians, there are few examples of conciliation. Perhaps the most striking was that of Tony Blair, who wanted to limit its activity for a time to devote to their children, an option that gave him more popularity and then would copy you the Prime Minister David Cameron.

January 1, 2016

Political gesture? Macri cranes lifted a pickup truck of badly parked Massa


A crane who works for the city of Buenos Aires Government led to the corner of Corrientes and Talcahuano Performance Training Solutions to a truck which was advertising for the leader of the renewal front, Sergio Massa, and woke up the surprise of drivers and pedestrians.

Political gesture?Macri cranes lifted a pickup truck of badly parked Massa

“Record a dot (Mauritius) Macri with this”, shouted a newsstand to the driver of the crane – according to Telam news agency – while it undertook his March through the Avenida Corrientes, while several onlookers, among laughter and comments, took you photos to the fact with their cell phones

To eight months from the presidential election, every gesture of the main candidates lends itself to a political reading. In social networks, they mocked the ventilator front holder and recalled the accident occurred days ago an advertising plane that crashed when it carried a poster with the slogan “different”. This phrase was chosen by the Working Group of the former Mayor Tiger to differentiate themselves from their rivals in the political arena.

This minor fact occurs in the midst of crosses between candidates, with Gustavo Posse as the main promoter of an alliance between the two. What at first sight seems very difficult.


November 22, 2015

Health agrees internships with political institutes

Several health centers have as interns students from colleges and universities, which are not even recognized by the National Higher Education Council (Cones) and careers offered are not accredited by ANEAES. The health portfolio will be accepting students at the request of politicians, they warned from said advice.

The colleges in health sciences and private universities offer the possibility of doing internships in health care as a strategy to win students. While the Ministry of Health announced last June a requirement to renew the agreements with private educational institutions, the requirements are minimal, they warned members Cones, who requested the reservation of their names.

Currently, the colleges that have permission for their students to do internships at health centers and hospitals, dependent on the health portfolio need not even be recognized by the Cones. Nor racing require that offer, and where internships are focused, are authorized by the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (ANEAES), said our sources.

An example is given with the Higher Institute of Health Sciences in San Patricio Northern Ireland, whose headquarters are in Ñemby and whose owner is Adelaide Cantero, candidate for mayor by the NRA in that city. School students do their internships in health centers and Ñemby Villa Elisa. The Institute of red intendentable is not yet recognized by the Cones and careers are not accredited by the ANEAES. Nevertheless, the health portfolio, by Dr. Antonio Barrios ( a foot doctor and an elected member of the Governing Board of the NRA), enables students internship San Patricio Northern Ireland. Similarly, other universities and colleges, sponsored by politicians, they make their students enter the hospital premises, so a plus charged to their registered by way of internship, they said on Cones, to ensure that some institutions promise even I work in health once they finish the race, the sole purpose of ensuring the enrollment of students.

In the afternoon yesterday tried unsuccessfully to obtain the version of Cantero, Institute of San Patricio, who did not attend his cell (0981, 411 termination) or respond to voicemail. For his part, Minister Barrios had his phone off.

July 08, 2007


U.S. President George W. Bush (C) is joined by President of the Washington Nationals' Stan Kasten (L) and Nationals' General Manager Jim Bowden as they watch the Washington Nationals' baseball team play in Washington, July 5, 2007. Yahoo!/Reuters

Let's see - Baseball game, box seats, a couple of buddies, and a mysterious beverage covered up with a napkin... Yeah, I guess he really doesn't drink anymore! And he really DID choke on a pretzel back in 2002 when he passed out, fell to the floor and busted his lip...

Spocko is all over this one.

July 06, 2007

One more true thing

i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite a new thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does,
i like its hows. i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, and the trembling
-firm-smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like,, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh . . . . And eyes big Love-crumbs,

and possibly i like the thrill

of under me you quite so new

ee cummings

July 05, 2007

One more reason...

Not to shop at Wal-Mart:

How Costco Became the Anti-Wal-Mart - New York Times

Costco's average pay, for example, is $17 an hour, 42 percent higher than its fiercest rival, Sam's Club. And Costco's health plan makes those at many other retailers look Scroogish. One analyst, Bill Dreher of Deutsche Bank, complained last year that at Costco "it's better to be an employee or a customer than a shareholder."

And if you want to know everything that is wrong with American business, check out this quote:

Emme Kozloff, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, faulted Mr. Sinegal as being too generous to employees, noting that when analysts complained that Costco's workers were paying just 4 percent toward their health costs, he raised that percentage only to 8 percent, when the retail average is 25 percent.

"He has been too benevolent," she said. "He's right that a happy employee is a productive long-term employee, but he could force employees to pick up a little more of the burden."

Let me be the first to offer up a big Fuck Off to both Kozloff and Dreher. And I mean that in the nicest way possible...

July 04, 2007

Independence Day

Transcript after the jump

Continue reading "Independence Day" »


Heads Up

Stay away - far away - from

Gang Launches their own Video Download Site to Trap People | TorrentFreak

Media Defender has registered a new domain and launched a video upload / download site with a web 2.0-ish name: Miivi claims to offer hight speed downloads of blockbuster movies like “300” (don’t download), hereby luring people into downloading copyrighted content.

In case you didn't already realize it, Media Defender is a puppet organization of Universal, Sony, Disney, Viacom, Fox, and Warner Brothers (a gang also known as the MPAA).

July 03, 2007

Be not Proud

Put away the flags and fireworks, my friends.

We would be better served to stop and reflect on what we have let ourselves become, instead of celebrating what our parents and grandparents accomplished in the past.

We are no longer a nation that lives by rule of law. Instead, we are now a nation where the powerful can easily excuse the criminal behavior of their wealthy friends.

We have become a nation that is comfortable with the idea of preemptive warfare.

We are comfortable with the idea that it is somehow OK to turn the bloody art of war into a profit center. Even worse, we seem to be OK with the fact that the company making most of the money is waiting for their boy to resume his real job after taking an eight-year hiatus in the Vice President's Office.

We are comfortable letting thousands of our children march off to die in a war that cannot possibly be won.

We would do well to forget a little of what we know about pride arrogance, and study a bit on grace and humility.

Our parents and grandparents could then be proud of us, instead of the other way around.

July 02, 2007

"The rich are different than you and I"

At least in the eyes of the law....

Bush Spares Libby 30-Month Jail Term

This decides it for me... Obama gets my nod. Hillary is just more of the same, too invested in the status quo to ever change anything.

This decision to commute the sentence of a man who compromised our national security cements the legacy of an Administration characterized by a politics of cynicism and division, one that has consistently placed itself and its ideology above the law. This is exactly the kind of politics we must change so we can begin restoring the American people's faith in a government that puts the country's progress ahead of the bitter partisanship of recent years.


July 01, 2007

My, how times have changed...

Looking back at Roanoke history -

From the July 1, 1957 Roanoke Times:

Fifty inmates of the Roanoke City Jail were offered the chance to get out of jail by donating a pint of blood. Blood supplies were extremely low. Twenty-one inmates took advantage of the offer.

21 out of 50!

Lets see, donate a pint o' blood and get out of jail... I can't imagine anyone needing much time to think that one over, myself. There has to be some kind of backstory here... I'd love to hear it.


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