December 28, 2017

BlackBerry reveals how it will manage security updates for the BlackBerry

With the first shipments of BlackBerry Priv coming out later this week, the first Android terminal of the manufacturer will soon be in the hands of users. Many of them have waited anxiously the day they could use Android hardware produced by BlackBerry.

The company, by the way, has pointed out that Android, being the most popular mobile operating system on the planet, suffers 98% of malware attacks from all mobile devices. That makes it imperative for BlackBerry Priv users to know how the company plans to manage security updates.

As we can read in the BlackBerry blog , security updates will be sent monthly via OTA to users of the BlackBerry Priv. Some resellers – which includes the operators – have agreed to work to get fast approval to send these updates to the proietarios of one of these devices. This trend has already been launched by Google with the users of the Nexus and the Stagefright bug .

Some of the problems of Android can not wait for a monthly response, so for these matters BlackBerry will send what is known as a hotfix , which will solve a particular problem to the owners of a BlackBerry Priv. This will only be implemented when the failure is something really serious that requires a quick response.

The code that is sent with these hotfixes is very limited, and therefore the tests that are done are superficial, allowing to finish quickly with the threat. BlackBerry warns that it will be able to patch all the variants of Priv .

This sounds like BlackBerry has been thinking a lot about how to attack security on Android , as this is a way to protect the security of users beyond the device itself. The most interesting will be to see if those agreements with the operators go beyond the United States, and if those updates to those who buy the terminal through their operator actually arrive as promised.







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