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Roanoke Times - Gasoline's grip tightens on individuals and businesses

"D.J. Latham of D.J.'s Professional Tree Service & More in Roanoke County said he's passing higher gasoline prices onto customers.

"It don't faze me," he said, while putting gasoline marked at $3.19 a gallon in his work pickup. 'It ain't going to stop me from working.'"

I beg to differ - if people are having a hard time putting food on the table, having a neatly trimmed tree in the front yard will quickly become a silly luxury.

Just do it

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Garrison Keillor, on the ongoing election campaign:

"I do, however, believe in the big leap by which you skip a mess of complicated trouble and move on into the future. Johnson's Civil Rights Act, Nixon's trip to China, Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon, the demolition of the Berlin Wall -- great moments when we turned the clock forward.

That hope for the leap forward seems deeply felt this year. And that's why people are looking at the skinny guy. They don't want to be replaying old tapes next spring. They just can't bear the thought of going through the past seven years all over again."

I think that just about sums it up for me.  Electing Hillary means more of the same - we spend the next few years rehashing the stupid partisan shitstorms we grew tired of in the 1990's.  At the very least, Obama is a clean break with the past.

If we can only muster the courage to finally tear off that band-aid.

But I AM going to make the front page of this website...


Video of the Day

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This made me smile:


This picture from Winding Road Magazine made my morning... especially considering the fact that it's so dreary, grey and cold outside today.


That smile just pegs my cuteometer every time...

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