June 29, 2017

Cleaning company to go out on holiday

On vacation, we go on a trip and we want to leave our house clean and find it as dirty as possible upon our return. How can we clean it easily?

For starters, the main room that we must leave clean before leaving the trip, is the kitchen . It is the place where more fat accumulates, and therefore, where they end up appearing unpleasant odors upon our return, after having our house closed for a while.

Investing in a suitable product that can clean and polish surfaces and metal utensils without causing damage can be an excellent decision.

The kitchen and the bathroom are usually the most damp rooms in the house and the ones that usually cause the most problems when cleaning. Is there any way to clean them in a faster and, above all, effective way?

Although currently on the market there are several machines called “vaporetas” that offer a faster cleaning. The reality, from our experience, is that the most effective form of cleaning is manual labor with cleaning products specific to each surface.

Dirt from body oils and soap suds that are used in the shower or tub create a food source for mold.

In this way, we will reach the most inaccessible corners and avoid the expansion of the dirt produced by these types of machines, also avoiding possible damage to furniture and walls due to the high temperature steam that steam cleaning machines give off.

In a bedroom a lot of dust accumulates, especially if we have many decorative elements.

This is a complicated task because the dust is introduced into our homes even if they are hermetically sealed. Our recommendation is to clean with a damp microfiber cloth and containing a neutral product. Another option is to buy products on the market that specify that they contain non-stick powder.

Dust, fingerprints and any other type of dirt, easily adhere to the crystals . Can you give us some advice to keep the mirrors and windows of our house in perfect condition?

The simplest and most economical way to keep these elements in perfect condition and away from the tracks is to clean them with special wipes, only wet in water and then with the drying of the surface with paper.

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If all these tips do not interest you, maybe it’s time to call a professional to leave the house clean before going on vacation. Domukea , as a cleaning company specialized in cleaning the home for hours , offers you a prompt, fast and efficient service to leave the perfect house before going on vacation.







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