“Today people are more alive and knows who are those who have had to Valpo on the floor , ” says DJ Mendez to deepen interview with DJ¬†Melbourne,¬†your choice to run for mayor of Valparaiso in the elections next year.

He confesses that is in a period of “reflection about a candidacy that has given me back from my years of travel and tour around the world, from streets and scenes of major cities of the world where I could never stop comparing or imagine the streets of my Puerto; and yet, upon returning saw how economic, employment and asset deterioration of our Valpo have made our port today it is like an old queen coming in misery and still lives a glorious past that is gone. ”

“I think just because from this reflection that I’m living for a candidate for mayor, speaks for itself in my opinion the current management. People have a clear opinion, I prefer not to talk about Castro, “he says.

About his choice, clarifies that it is as independent within the block of the New Majority.

“No one has gone to search for the PPD to be a candidate, I went to knock on the door to tell me how this is done being an independent candidate. I contacted a friend, and then that led to others, I fulfilled a formality, but I’m still at a stage of discussions with different people of Puerto, I have many meetings to do before formally express that I am a candidate “.

What it does, he says, it is that “I am of course not want to compete for a political conglomerate to appoint me to finger or honoring need to win the quota”.

“People are not stupid”

Without pointing fingers, Mendez throws a comment on where lies a critique of the current mayor of the port city.

“If finally took the challenge to compete just, whichever come and take the hindmost.People are defined and that people are no longer hanging out as before. Today even a bingo, not a basket, or a threat of dismissal may determine the vote of Valpo. Today people are more alive and knows who are those who have had to Valpo in the ground, “he says.

“People are not stupid,” he adds, Leopoldo Mendez, who insists that “knows who misbehave in politics. Look, the best invention is called democracy and democracy is generated from participatory politics. There’s no way, unless you want a return to dictatorship or install a Taliban regime. Policy today is in bad note is because of bad politicians, not politics. And that you have to be sharp. Moreover, in this country politics is devalued, as in schools not civics is taught. And you know what? This is for the brave and I am one. For something I get this, not necessity lucas or screen. ”