March 14, 2017

Funeral Service: Argentina dictates the Technique for the Management of Funeral Companies

This university career for funebreros was given at the National University of Avellaneda for a year and is the only proposal of this type in Mercosur.

A career that provides greater quality to the funeral service

The race has 40 enrolled and in 2013 will graduate the first layer of technicians who will seek to change the hereditary and traditional paradigm that has always prevailed in the funeral business.

The Technician for the Management of Funeral Companies is formed by students who average the 30 years of age and who already have experience in the sector. Far from the job of the funebrero as a work that was passed down from generation to generation to support the family business, this new technique dictated in Argentina seeks to transform this profession into a profession that changes the paradigms that have hitherto been in force.

Duration of the technician for the funeral service

It has a duration of two and a half years and its objective is to train professionals who contribute to the management of devices and actions in companies in the sector, capable of identifying, releasing and resolving different situations of work performance, interpreting current regulations and collaborating in The planning, administration and evaluation of the actions developed by and for the company.

Curriculum of the first race for the funeral service in Argentina

The curriculum is validated by the Ministry of education of the Nation and has a compulsory entrance exam but not eliminatory. Ceremonial Exequial, Tanatoest├ętica, Tanatopraxia, Duel Assistance, Commercial Aspects, History and Culture: Anthropological Perspective, Biosecurity and Prevention of psychological risks in funeral work. It also has two levels that are compulsory in all careers of this University: Community Social Work and Language.

Due to the legal vacuum and the scarce regulation that the Argentine funeral sector has, one of the most outstanding matters is Funeral Law, while the most innovative is Introduction to New Technologies, where it teaches about the latest trends in the market, such as The production of ecological safes, artistic cineraries, use of lights, screens and music and social networks to organize the farewell of the deceased, among other products.

New projects to improve the quality of the funeral service

Registration for 2013 was conducted between January and February while the National University of Avellaneda announced its intentions to transform this undergraduate to undergraduate degree. This is a unique opportunity for the funeral sector to achieve that its trade becomes a profession in a country like Argentina that has a large market comprising 1600 companies and 400 private cemeteries that employ directly to almost 20 thousand people and Invoice 4500 million pesos annually.







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