November 22, 2015

Health agrees internships with political institutes

Several health centers have as interns students from colleges and universities, which are not even recognized by the National Higher Education Council (Cones) and careers offered are not accredited by ANEAES. The health portfolio will be accepting students at the request of politicians, they warned from said advice.

The colleges in health sciences and private universities offer the possibility of doing internships in health care as a strategy to win students. While the Ministry of Health announced last June a requirement to renew the agreements with private educational institutions, the requirements are minimal, they warned members Cones, who requested the reservation of their names.

Currently, the colleges that have permission for their students to do internships at health centers and hospitals, dependent on the health portfolio need not even be recognized by the Cones. Nor racing require that offer, and where internships are focused, are authorized by the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (ANEAES), said our sources.

An example is given with the Higher Institute of Health Sciences in San Patricio Northern Ireland, whose headquarters are in Ñemby and whose owner is Adelaide Cantero, candidate for mayor by the NRA in that city. School students do their internships in health centers and Ñemby Villa Elisa. The Institute of red intendentable is not yet recognized by the Cones and careers are not accredited by the ANEAES. Nevertheless, the health portfolio, by Dr. Antonio Barrios ( a foot doctor and an elected member of the Governing Board of the NRA), enables students internship San Patricio Northern Ireland. Similarly, other universities and colleges, sponsored by politicians, they make their students enter the hospital premises, so a plus charged to their registered by way of internship, they said on Cones, to ensure that some institutions promise even I work in health once they finish the race, the sole purpose of ensuring the enrollment of students.

In the afternoon yesterday tried unsuccessfully to obtain the version of Cantero, Institute of San Patricio, who did not attend his cell (0981, 411 termination) or respond to voicemail. For his part, Minister Barrios had his phone off.







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