August 7, 2017

Home Security Systems: Three basic recommendations

Many are the security systems that can be found available in the market. From the most basic to the most complex made up of security cameras. Know which are the most recommended systems to install in the house and most important functions.

How does an alarm work?

home security systems have evolved to such an extent that they become the most commonly used system to prevent theft.

Its operation is not limited to generating a sound or emitting light flashes, but the functions have been extended to offer a wide range of possibilities, from the panic buttons to the external monitoring, which allows to control the alarm status of Remote way.

One of the most innovative security systems are the so-called “home alarm kit”, which have the advantage that the installation can be carried out by the same user.

This kit has all the necessary elements for its placement, such as sensors and detectors, alphanumeric keypads, central alarm, among other accessories.

These alarm systems base their operation on the use of sensors that detect the change in a specific zone. When one of these sensors detects abnormal movement, either by breaking an opening or intruding from a malicious person to the house, the alarm center acts instantly to give a silent or silent warning to a remote unit.

Three basic recommendations for installation

Although the installation kits have a manual that includes the steps to follow for the correct installation, there are a number of recommendations when setting an alarm.

Motion Sensors : It is convenient to install motion detectors at an angle of the room. This allows the sensor to have a higher detection angle. There are also sensors that can be used outdoors, and are specially designed not to detect animals that can cause a false alarm.

Central : it is recommended to install it in a difficult to reach place. For example: ceiling, behind a sofa that conceals it, among other sectors.

Monitoring : There are companies that control the alarms remotely, allowing to go to the place as fast as possible in case of theft. These systems are very convenient to be installed in shops or warehouses, but their use can also be carried out in the house.







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