February 7, 2016

House of Cards and other essential series on politics in the USA

Because of the crisis, there is something about politics what we love to talk: the series

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, actors ‘House of Cards’

Due to the poor (and justified opinion) that exists in Spain on members of the political class and education that many have received from parents and grandparents who lived firsthand the time of Franco, the policy is still an issue with which most Spaniards feel especially comfortable , and although in recent years, and because of the crisis, this is changing, there is something about politics what we love to talk: the series.

Thanks to the enormous range of issues that exist in the world of television fiction, politics has become a genre explode in recent years, and although there is still virtually no title of this type created and set in Spain, those which are set in the United States of America are numerous, among them ‘House of Cards ‘, one of the last phenomenon of success in this environment and series that will debut its third season next year 2015.

So far, this fiction starring Kevin Spacey was one of the titles by which the Netflix platform (which emits seasons of its series to complete so that there was no waiting weeks between one chapter and another) has received better acceptance.

Issued in Spain by Canal + in the usual way (weekly chapters), ‘ House of Cards’ has to his credit with episodes directed by David Fincher (Twin Peaks), Joel Schumacher (8MM) or James Foley (The Corruptor) and we tells the ambitious c arrera Congressman Francis Underwood (inspired Kevin Spacey is the real engine of the series) to get to the White House at the price it costs.

Realistic, hard in their approaches and dialogues that get put the willies viewers, this series (which adapts a novel and a British miniseries) is only the last of the titles with which we learned about the American political system and of course, if you want to know more about this world so different from ours, television gives us the opportunity thanks to titles like the ones I suggest below. Watch TV Series Online Here:

The West Wing of the White House

The reference series on American politics until the arrival of ‘House of Cards ‘ has a Martin Sheenwho is recognized as the actor who best portrayed an American president, and is set in the mandate of Democratic President Josiah Bartlet ( Sheen) and decisions and situations that occur around her figure, and out of the Oval Office, which is located in the west wing of the White House

Political Animals

Starring Sigourney Weaver and inspired by the life of Hillary Clinton , tried to show the difficulties that people in the White House and the personal and social price paid by the former first lady face.

Political Animals’ (Political Animals) consists of only six episodes, but without doubt, offers a very different view of American politicians, especially their families .


With just begun its fourth season, the series starring Kerry Washington could also fall into the category of series of lawyers, but considering that the main customer of your character is the President of the United States, the title fits perfectly into this post on American politics.

In Scandal, Washington, plays Oliva Pope, an expert lawyer handling crises and scandals, no doubt, will not come too bad the corrupt Francis Underwood of ‘House of Cards ‘.


There is also room for humor in politics, and away some titles so serious now collect a title of HBOstarring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the famous Elaine Benes of Seinfeld.

In Veep, Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, vice president of the United States, a woman with a somewhat strained relationship with the president and key comedy tries to climb the last step to become the first president of the United States.

The series, which premiered shortly fifth season, has received rave reviews and has been nominated several times for the Emmys and Golden Globes, rising its protagonist as best comedy actress Emmy in 2012, something that ties with ‘ House of Cards’ series despite having more nominations (and several prizes such as address, photograph or distribution) he has just received a statuette actress Robin Wright as best dramatic actress Golden Globe in 2013.

the KennedyŽs

Finally and still offer variety in this genre, our latest proposal travels to the 30s to tell the story of the family Kennedy in a eight-episode miniseries produced by the History Channel (the same that brings Vikings or the recent biopic of Harry Houdini)

Issued in Spain in 2012 by Cosmopolitan TV and Telecinco (first pay channel and then open), theshow was an excellent year on the history surrounding one of the most famous US presidential families , taking 30s in the late 60 on an odyssey about the tragedies suffered by this family to which many considered cursed and that even with this product, the miniseries was broadcast problems.

Shallow politically others of our candidates, it is a great product for a stretch, and is locked to perfection in this post where, with ‘ House of Cards ‘ central title issues have revolved about the politics surrounding the White House, allowing us to cover, on another occasion, title less “presidential” politics as ‘ Spin City ‘ (which rotates on the new York mayor) or ‘ Yes, Ministe r’, the series safe that excited the deceased British Iron Lady.







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