December 12, 2016

How to know who sends an anonymous email or email

Is it possible to know who the person sending an email?

Truly know the identity of the sender of an email or email received, it is not completely safe, but often it is perfectly possible, so it is worth trying and make the attempt, it is not difficult.
The method is useful and necessary in cases of harassment and abuse by email, essential for reporting issuers spam sites (spam) or just to try to know the identity of a person who sent an anonymous.
The task of identifying who an email address belongs, is difficult because many services that offer that service, such as GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. are They have the rule to protect the identity of their customers, unless there is a crime and there is a court order.
Others who use the email service, such as businesses, organizations, websites, network services, have their own server, so in such cases may reveal your identity, just to be registered in the database data available online.
You only need to know the IP address from which the email originated and compare it with the databases providing access to the Whois service.
That way you can get the physical address, telephone and email accounts that are behind a specific IP address.

There are several payment services and applications that promise to detect the sender of an email, the result will be the same as that you will achieve if you read this article and do it manually.

How to identify the sender of an email?

We must follow two steps to correctly identify from which email:

1- Identify the IP address of the service, server or computer that sent the message.
2- Identify the owner of the previous IP address.


Detect and know the IP address from which the message was sent


There are several ways to know the IP address from where it has been sent an email.
• The first is manually search for and read the HEADER or message header, they are recorded in all the technical data of the received file.
Several online services allow copy and paste the contents of HEADER in a form and automatically return the IP address, but not necessary since it is not difficult to do manually.
• Another method is to use the command line, make the request to a DNS server global reach, such as Google public DNS servers using the NSLOOKUP and PING commands.

Remove the IP address of the header or header of a received message

The header or header compose a series of text data as found in the first part of each message received.
It contains the entire route traveled by the message from the server from which it was sent, intermediate servers to the server that receives it . In all cases they are registered with the corresponding IP addresses.

To identify the header or header first is useful to know the different ways to send and receive email.

Ways in which it receives and sends email or email

Usually we receive our emails in two ways:

1- Using a web client that is accessing our web browser to the address you provide us the email provider, such as Google Mail, Yahoo Hotmail, etc.
2- Using a mail client software, is a program we installed on our PC automatically download messages when we connect to the internet and allows us to read and edit although we are disconnected.
Examples include Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Fedora, etc.

In all cases the way we see the header of the message varies according to the client you use, so the method will be explained only the best known.







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