June 30, 2017


Today I woke up wanting to create a bit of controversy. What you see is NOT a brand of underwear for fetishists or anything like that. It’s an Australian company HommeMystere  that has decided to try their luck with men’s lingerie and … it’s raining!

 For those who think that this type of underwear is only for exhibitionists or perverts, you have to know before you start selling it online the owners of the brand did a survey. Revealing its final content: 90% were heterosexual married wanting to try new things in bed. As if to rely on prejudice. 

 Today I woke up feeling controversial. An Australia lingerie company that designs men’s lingerie they had to expand online to keep up with rising demand. HommeMystere sexy design, tailor made male undergarments that feel and look like women’s lingerie. The risqué designs feature pink lace teddy’s, silk lined bras and sexy red g-strings, all designed to fit men.

 Despite many people thinking the designs are meant to cater for gay men, a survey revealed over 90% of customers who responded were in heterosexual relationships. 

In Australia, a well-known brand of lingerie has pulled out a line of men’s lingerie that includes bodys, garters, corsets and thongs and everything women wear when they want to look sexy.
HommeMystere presented its line of masculine lingerie that includes garments with vestibules, lace and showy designs.
The Australian brand said the designs are very comfortable for the male body because of the fabrics that were made, while the bodices were made especially for the pectorals of men.
In addition, they assured that these garments are not only directed to the gay market but “to all the men”.
In fact the most notable difference with women’s lingerie lies in the sizes.







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