January 1, 2016

Political gesture? Macri cranes lifted a pickup truck of badly parked Massa


A crane who works for the city of Buenos Aires Government led to the corner of Corrientes and Talcahuano Performance Training Solutions to a truck which was advertising for the leader of the renewal front, Sergio Massa, and woke up the surprise of drivers and pedestrians.

Political gesture?Macri cranes lifted a pickup truck of badly parked Massa

“Record a dot (Mauritius) Macri with this”, shouted a newsstand to the driver of the crane – according to Telam news agency – while it undertook his March through the Avenida Corrientes, while several onlookers, among laughter and comments, took you photos to the fact with their cell phones

To eight months from the presidential election, every gesture of the main candidates lends itself to a political reading. In social networks, they mocked the ventilator front holder and recalled the accident occurred days ago an advertising plane that crashed when it carried a poster with the slogan “different”. This phrase was chosen by the Working Group of the former Mayor Tiger to differentiate themselves from their rivals in the political arena.

This minor fact occurs in the midst of crosses between candidates, with Gustavo Posse as the main promoter of an alliance between the two. What at first sight seems very difficult.








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