January 18, 2016

Pregnancy in politics, a debate that continues

Susana Díaz, ya fuera de cuentas.

The President of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, has been a mother for the first time this evening in the hospital gynecologist nyc of Seville Valme . Enough with it pressed Medical Center maternity in policy debate to the table again.As happens every time.

Aware of the suspicions that still arouses a pregnancy when a public role of responsibility, one of the first things that made Susana Díazwas reassuring to voters, party and opposition colleagues. My pregnancy “will not affect at all the electoral calendar”, she said, because “I conciliaré normally, as do thousands of women”. A rationale that in no case would rule one of their male counterparts.

What do your maternity leave? How will you balance the Presidency of the Board with the care of the baby? They are issues arising in the case of politicians not but that the policies do them is often. As you do so, most likely it that Diaz receive criticism from some sector. At least this was the case on previous occasions.

The pregnancy of her party, Carme Chacón, roommate gave much to talk about. Became the first pregnant woman to be Minister. The first Minister of defence, also. He reviewed troops from Afghanistan with her seven-month-old baby in the gut. He had to travel to the country on a special medical team. It was April 19, 2008, when it produced that picture, described as ‘historical’. But the situation has not changed almost since then.

Chacon decided to share maternity leave with your partner down, an alternative in the law. Maternal permission consists of 16 weeks or 112 consecutive days. Of those 16 weeks, six are compulsory, which were those that enjoyed the then Minister. The other 10 are optional and transferable, in whole or in part, to the father. The Ministeralso opted to move to a floor of the Ministry of defence to live, to reconcile better work and personal life. Of course, it was criticized.

Harder still were the comments with the Vice-President of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, who had her baby three years after Chacón, in 2011. Just 10 days after giving birth, she returned to frontline. The criticisms came from the first moment. If it was not a good example of conciliation, which is prejudicial to the rights of women, etc. So much so that the Government – very reluctant then and now to provide information which is considered ‘private’ – went out to the passage to say that “the agenda of the Vice President was minimal” and she said that it was adapted to feeding schedules. “The shots must be given them; that is impepinable,”he said in an interview.

A problem that not only affects Spain

Rachida Dati, the French Minister of Justice in the Government ofSarkozy, joined the work just five days after having her son, by caesarean section. He admitted that he acted so “out of fear” to be “away” from his post. A decision that was not well view or by their own political peers, as the own Carme Chacón, who questioned this approach.

On the opposite side, to lay claim to the maternity leave and the right to conciliation were two parliamentary that called ‘ Euromadres‘. First it was the Danish Hanne Dahl, who came in 2010 to a plenary session of the European Parliament with her baby in her arms. Up to that moment was an unknown. From that day it became a symbol of the struggle to improve the reconciliation. “I had no choice but, my husband had to attend a meeting in Copenhagen. I took it because I had to vote”, he explained to ELMUNDO.es

The maternal scene repeated it shortly after the Italian Licia Ronzulli, Member of the party people of freedom (PDL) of the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. It was your baby and received the applause of his colleagues.

Meanwhile, they…

Among the politicians, there are few examples of conciliation. Perhaps the most striking was that of Tony Blair, who wanted to limit its activity for a time to devote to their children, an option that gave him more popularity and then would copy you the Prime Minister David Cameron.







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