May 9, 2016

The 10 best YouTube channels on politics

With the political polarization that makes so much noise in the country, mass population agreed. The awakening is slow. Gradually the Brazilian begins to empathize by the media, wanting to learn about this chaos walking surrounding us. The more chaos, more information Brazilian search. I do not believe the mainstream media information is enough for us today. There is still a belief holdover in magazines that have a full dialogue with the government, but they can camouflage themselves in a pseudo-opposition, such as the View.

The indexes according to IBGBrincs, show that the number of sheets of the Charter Capital and Political Pragmatism walking replacing the toilet paper has increased. The Brazilian is getting smart’re reading it provides and informing the right way.

As we all have the habit of reading such magazines and portals on the Internet, nothing better than to seek information for a social network still lacking information.

Thanks to this, then organized a TOP 10 of the best YouTube channels that talk about politics and can help YOU to get free youtube views.

Confer with me:

TOP 10 – Lobão Interview

The rocker has supported the Lula’s Workers Party, it is opposition for a long time. The reverse of Tico Santa Cruz, as well as proving to be a great writer – praised even by Olavo de Carvalho – walk contributing much on Youtube with your chats made via Hangout.

On your channel, you can find his interviews with Olavo de Carvalho, Luis Felipe Pondé, Joice Hasselmann and co.

Already go forward, Lobão takes much way Jô Soares.

Channel:  Lobão Interview

TOP 9 – Free Tuesday


In addition to the staff keep an incredible completely independent portal, your YouTube channel is even richer.

In addition to daily videos on the political and economic situation of the country, the TLpromotes insane Hangouts with our dear friends opposition.

Channel:  Tuesday Free

TOP 8 – Rodrigo Constantino


Rodrigo Constantino is a stamped opposition figure. Despite his broken with Prof. Olavo de Carvalho, Rodrigo has a great experience when it comes to politics and economics.

Former columnist of Veja, has written 8 books, including Left caviar and Privatize already. Rodrigo is president of the Liberal Institute and was elected by Epoca magazine as one of the “new trombones right.”

Your channel has daily and brief videos. Rodrigo exposes very well summarized way all the issues that need the attention of the Brazilian people.

Channel:  Rodrigo Constantino


TOP 7 – Leandro Ruschel 


The gaucho owns one of the best blogs on investments in the international market, theGlobal Liberta .

On your channel, Leandro performs one of the best interviews with Olavo de Carvalho, a very rare feat in the middle of the mainstream media, there every day, try to hide the teachings of the Old.

Also, on your channel, Leandro makes constant videos always analyzing politics and the economy.

Channel:  Leandro Ruschel

TOP 6 – Alexandre Seltz


Degree in History from the Federal University of Goiás, is a professor in public the same state.

Seltz is conservative and openly gay. That is, on its own excellence, is a great travador battles against allusive victimizations departing from the Gay Movement in Brazil.

Alexandre Seltz makes daily videos, always in exact times that the bombs explode. More updated it, just even Big Ben.

Channel:  Alexandre Seltz

TOP 5 – Maro Philosopher


1 year ago on Youtube, the philosopher with respect Viking already over 58,000 subscribers.

Your videos are purely philosophical. His political analyzes are based in the Scholastic philosophy whose principle, the pursuit of absolute truth.

The calm that has Maro on camera is something impressive. With its light and very well articulated diction, he can arrest anyone interested in the topic for an indefinite time.

Channel:  Maro Philosopher

 TOP 4 – Nando Moura


Giving Boura, the Mophóbics !!!

Nando besides making accurate daily analysis of politics and Brazil and the world economy, is a master when it comes to music. Former student at Berklee College of Music, can analyze the most classical way all musical genres. Since the most beautiful notes of Beethoven even the most spoiled falsetto Mc Melody.

The roqueirão is great right star on Youtube. With its nearly 500,000 subscribers and 73 million views. Nando Moura has done more for the opposition with your videos from the PSDB in 20 years.

One of his most famous videos, is your interview with Bolsonaro. Interview that that was the most consistent ever made with the presidential candidate in 2018.

Channel:  Nando Moura

TOP 3 – Luiz Felipe Pondé


Former medical student Federal da Bahia, to put down the scalpel to dedicate to Philosophy (imagine the reaction of his family after this choice).

Anyway, we only have to thank him. Doctor from the University of Paris and Post-doctorate from Tel Aviv University, has written several books. Among them, the politically incorrect guide philosophy and the politically incorrect guide to sex.

It is weekly columnist for Folha. Professor of Theology at PUC and FAAP.

Joined YouTube in late 2015 and makes weekly videos. The themes are incredible. Always short videos, Pondé speaks from Conservatism, through Poliamorismo and even teaching you how to light a pipe.

Pondé is the guy! A full replacement of Nelson Rodrigues.

Channel:  Luiz Felipe Pondé

TOP 2 – Radical ideas


Rafael Lima, the channel owner, although young, we already regard him as the greatest exponent of Liberalism on Youtube.

Owner of perfect economic explanations. It looks like no one the most chaotic sector of our country, the economy.

Raphael makes video diaries on the situation of Brazil. Also, perfectly sums up the thought of the Austrian school in his collection of videos about Capitalism, leaving no bare Socialist.

You still do not know capitalism and still believe in the failed utopias of socialism, just follow the channel this boy you cure in less than one week.

Channel:  Ideas Radicals

TOP 1 – No mask Media


The MSM emerged in 2002 as a completely independent digital magazine.

To date, this media is must read for anyone who wants to follow an honest scenario news.

In 2007 a channel was created on Youtube. 2 years ago there is not posted anything. This may sadden you. You must be wondering, “How do I know the current scenario with a disabled channel for more than two years?”. The answer is easy, the channel has more than 100 video lessons from Prof. philosophy course Olavo de Carvalho.

The man who predicted the terror PT 20 years ago, when nobody even knew what the PT.Alone denounced the Forum of Sao Paulo and lost all their jobs because of it.

This channel will help you to know the philosophy of one of the greatest philosophers who ever was in the country.

You may like it or not. “Scolds him” astrologer or the like. That anyone does. I want to see it, is to take one of his books and try to deconstruct it. In fact, I doubt it, is not thrilled with the writing of the old man.







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