November 16, 2017

The best airlines in the world

What is the best airline in the world? The opinions differ according to the experiences of each and the particular expectations of the travelers: some privilege the comfort of the cabin, others the quality of the service on board, and the French are particularly attentive to the quality of the restoration on board. Skytrax unveiled last month the ranking of the best companies in the world. Read more:
Skytrax, the reference in terms of evaluation of the services of airlines and airports has just published its ranking for the year 2016. We spare you the various and fanciful rankings of other associations and consumer panels:Skytrax, with 19 million passengers worldwide, is the only representative study of the quality of air transport.

So what is the best company in the world  ?

Qatar Airways is dethroned! It is Emirates which is elected this year ”  best airline of the world “. Qatar Airways drops to second place and Singapore Airlines completes the podium.Until the beginning of the 2000s, Asian companies held the top positions in the ranking. Little by little, the Gulf companies are harmonizing their services and exceeding the quality of Asian companies.

In Europe, it is again (and for the fifth year in a row) Turkish Airlines is at the top of the ranking. Turkish Airlines is the fastest growing European company. Its ideal location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Orient allows it to effectively connect middle-sized European cities to all of Asia! His runners-up in Europe are Lufthansa and Air France .

Let’s rejoice for Air France, which continues to climb the rankings. She is now in 14 thplace. Three years ago, she was only in the 40 th .

The best low-cost airline is this year Air Asia . Virgin America and Norwegian are right behind. The best commercial flight crews are from Garuda (Indonesia), All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines .

In business class , Qatar Airways won the award, ahead of Singapore Airlines and Etihad.


Asiana (Korea) is “best economy class” ahead of Qatar and Singapore Airlines.


The best “premium economy” (this superior eco-class that our customers-travelers enjoy so much on very long-haul flights) are those of Air New Zealand , Qantas and Lufthansa.


Here are the Top 10 “best companies in the world” according to Skytrax this year:
1: Emirates
2: Qatar Airways
3: Singapore Airlines
4: Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
5: All Nippon Airways (Japan)
6: Etihad Airways (Emirates United Arab Emirates)
7: Turkish Airlines
8: EVA Air (Taiwan)
9: Qantas Airways (Australia)
10: Lufthansa (Germany)When we look at the Top 10 sales of Monde Authentique this year, we say that the travel creators of the agency have good taste:
With 32% of our air purchases Air France is of course the company No. 1 at Monde Authentique . (“Easy” will you say, since Air France has the advantage of offering direct flights to the whole world from Paris). Emirates and Qatar Airways are respectively 4 thand 2 nd in our ranking. Cathay Pacific and Turkish Airlines are also in our Top 10.

And the others ? Singapore Airlines has been concentrating its commercial efforts on big tour operators in recent years but has re-established with mid-sized Asia-Pacific specialists last year: sales are progressing!

As for Eva Air , it will offer from October 10 a daily direct flight between Paris & Taipei (and quick connections to the Philippines and Australia). In recent years, with only 4 weekly flights, Eva Air lacked capacity on the French market but you see that a representative of the company contacted me last month to make us acquainted.







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