February 19, 2016


Needless to say, the present system costs a neuron horrors spend on something other than business. It goes without saying. Montaigne quote or discuss Flaubert and “Madame Bovary” is something that is very big, almost as big as his own greed.

Intellectual emptiness is, as always, projects in all areas of knowledge. Gatherings of moviegoers are replaced by verduleras yards. The literature gives way to the “best-seller” zero quality, sociology is reinterpreted footballing and Pep Guardiola is considered a philosopher, an intellectual.

This week I discovered that the current political thinking revolves around culinary recipes. The lobster right, the left bread crumbs, the best kitchen faucet.Hence a romantic dinner with his wife Varoufakis claims to be the big hit ABC offered the Greek left. A lack of arguments, anything goes. In a world where youth can graduate from college without reading a single manual, culinary argument seems to be the philosopher’s stone on which to build the conservative discourse, the keystone to defeat the left.

Right circulating today without complex, making culture a “sayo” Tiny where not fit more than harmless small groups of intellectuals with glasses or “perroflautas” writing thesis on Bakunin while being frisked by “Autonomous” called “MMossos “David Fernandez, who has suffered them in their own flesh.

If you’re right-you have to run without complex, and if you ask for a book say that with so much work there is no time to read. After all, you you earn bread currando not like these types of the Greek left, who just want to put it together, create disorder in a country where lack discipline. Some guys like Varoufakis have much free time, hence to write essays as The Global Minotaur . And over dinner either type without remorse, not as Javier Lopez Menacho, who, in an act of contrition, as shown in the photo, apologizes to ABC for its culinary excesses while reminding us that his “I Precarious” it has been translated into Greek. And the young people in Spain live at full blast, including tapas cuttlefish and shrimp scampi. George Orwell put it well in his 1984 : war is peace,  freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.  And in today’s totalitarianism, precarity is plenty.







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