December 4, 2017

The truth behind the magic of diet pills

The obsession to reach thinness, no matter how, has made the supply of so-called supplements and fat burners increase in Colombia, even if they are not endorsed by the health authorities.

It suffices only to write “fat burners” or “slimming pills” in a web search engine, to find a number of pages devoted to the sale of these products that, thanks to the fitnesswave , have taken force in Colombia.

Products that promise to lose weight, reduce measures and tone the body in 30 days, without diet or exercise . In social networks, especially on Instagram, it is common to find the testimonies of before and after, as shocking as they are suspicious.

They claim to have no side effects, beyond increased blood pressure, thirst and excess energy. They also say that they do not contain chemical compounds, let alone Sibutramine, which was prohibited by Invima in 2011.
Because of its ingredients, which are naturally occurring, say its distributors, most are contraindicated for people with hypertension and women in pregnancy.

But what is really worrying is that some of these supplements have no record of the Invima and much less the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States).And even so, they continue to be marketed through internet pages, ensuring that there is no risk to health.

Such is the case of the Achieving Zero capsules, Achieving Zero Advanced and Achieving Zero Max, which according to an FDA analysis, contain Sibutramine ( see report ). Warning that confirms the Invima on its website: “The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, Invima, informs that the products” Achieving Zero “,” Achieving Zero Advanced “and” Achieving Zero Max “are marketed online. sanitary registry, for what its marketing in Colombia is not authorized and they are considered fraudulent products “.

For the dietitian nutritionist, Estefanía Jiménez, “taking pasta to lose weight is usually the easy way but not the safest” , because – he assures – “some of these products contain substances that can affect the central nervous system, cause damage in different organs, like liver or kidneys or, most commonly, cause yo-yo effect or “rebound” effect, which eventually causes permanent damage to the metabolism “.

And it adds that, although the manufacturers assure that it is of natural origin, the plants and their combinations also can cause damages in the metabolism.

Not everything is as they paint it

I decided to write this blog for a close case that I had knowledge of, months ago; and the one that left me very shocked.

In her desire to lose weight, a friend decided to support her diet with Milagro Pastillas. Searching the internet, he found a medicine called Achieving Zero Advanced, whose distributor was in Cali. The jar of 30 capsules had a cost of 120 thousand pesos. I promised to lose up to 8 kilos in a month, without any effort. 
He expressed his fear of taking it, but still asked for the product. It was as easy as a bank transfer online.

In two days, he already had the pills in his possession. The next day, he started taking them. I asked him to tell me how he felt throughout the day. I felt a lot of distrust.

The first day, one Sunday, he began to feel dizzy. He decided to increase the consumption of liquids, because this was the recommendation of the distributor, with whom he communicated via WhatsApp. He informed her that they were completely normal symptoms. He had a slight headache, too, but he paid no attention.

The next day, the dizziness was stronger. She felt disoriented and very weak. He decided to speak again with the distributor, who told him that this was temporary. Being a day’s work, he asked his boss for permission to leave earlier than usual.

He arrived at his house and went to bed. He tried to sleep but, in addition to dizziness, he had a severe migraine. He touched his chest, his heart was pounding.

He started vomiting, one, two, three … up to seven times. I worried a lot. I was afraid for his life. I told him to call the emergency doctor. I went to his house. He was sweating, the pallor on his face was evident. I kept vomiting. He told me that he felt the heart beating in his temples.

While the doctor was coming, I started searching the internet for the records of these pills. They had no Invima record; There was also an alert issued by the FDA in the United States. I do not lie to you, I panicked.

My friend spoke with the distributor, again, explaining the case. He replied that it was the first time such a case had happened. When asked why he was selling, irresponsibly, some pills without an Invima record, he did not know what to say.

So they spent about four hours more. Fortunately, his stomach had done a good job of trying to get rid of the pill. The doctor, between scolding, told him never to do that again. It was an attempt on his own life. My friend learned the lesson. And I, as I write this, I want, more than to tell the story, to make a reflection.

In our desire to see ourselves better, especially women, all of us, at some point we have resorted to this type of solution, risking our own lives, even. Yes, I have done it too. There are those who have died in garage clinics, in a poorly performed surgery. Others that have been left with injuries in their body, irreversible.

This type of products, such as pills, offer a quick solution; removing all the responsibility that we have over ourselves, of eating healthy and balanced and practicing physical activity. They give us an easy, magical way; Maybe, but with ephemeral results, not long term.

It is perhaps our lack of self-love that makes these pharmaceutical companies and their distributors fill their pockets with money; while, however thin we are, we continue with that same feeling of “I’m not pretty enough” or “I can still be skinnier”.

The solution is not to cover the sun with a finger. Loving oneself, as one is, is not an easy task; In fact, I think it is a very complex path of self-discovery, but, for me, it is the only way to avoid falling into this type of deception that only cause negative effects on our body and keep us from living a balanced life physically and emotionally.







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