March 22, 2017

Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks for Nature Activities

In the past, the best inflatable kayak you could buy was a plastic float for your son to play on the shore. Made of cheap materials and without the best designs were the last thing you wanted to sit while paddling in remote waters of rivers, fishing in a lake or had a multi-day expedition in the mountains.

But fortunately for nature lovers like us, those days have lagged behind in time. Advances in technology have enabled manufacturers to create rather solid and durable inflatable kayaks that can be used for activities in the wild.

The main advantages are clear: the weight and its size when saving it. Forget about having to carry a heavy kayak or having to buy a cow to carry it in your car. An inflatable kayak of the most compact you can carry it even in a backpack.

Here at The Adventure Junkies, one of our goals is to make life easier for you when choosing the right material for your adventures. There are many manufacturers and models of kayaks to choose from, you can check in-depth blow up kayak reviews and making the right decision is not always easy.

We have already helped you in previous articles on how to choose the best handheld GPS , a good front for camping or our favorite camping hammock . Now let’s see how to find the inflatable kayak that best fits your needs.



Your budget will be one of the most important factors in choosing an inflatable kayak. With all the models and brands existing today, the competition is fierce.Although you can find an inflatable kayak even for $ 80, a decent model will cost you between $ 200 and $ 600.



Along with the price, the use you are going to give is the most important when deciding the model. Do you intend to use it in white water, to fish or to paddle in calm waters? Are you looking for one person or double? Each activity requires different configurations and designs. Think about how you will use it before moving on to the more specific sections.


Today you can find inflatable kayaks of any size, shape and color. Depending on the use you plan to give it, there are different types that can fit your needs better than others. In general there are 5 types of inflatable kayaks:

Kayaks Sit-on-top:  This is the best model and the most comfortable to paddle in calm waters.Forget about getting into a hole, with your legs compressed and thinking about how old you are because your back does not stop hurting you. With this type of kayak you sit on top of it, usually in a backed chair and you can change positions as many times as you want without fear of kayaking.

Sit-In Kayaks:  This is the traditional type of kayak in which your legs go inside the boat. It’s tighter, not as comfortable as the sit-on-top, but it’s a much better design to row in whitewater or not so calm.

Canoe Type:  These kayaks are normally flat at their base, with higher side walls than normal and plenty of room to move and carry things. It is the best kayak to fish since it can take 2 or 3 people, a fridge full of beers and all the material you need.

Kayak SUP:  They are the new sensation of many beaches around the world. These models are rigid enough to be able to row in them standing. Surely you have seen those in your area. And yes, there are also inflatables.








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