June 5, 2017

What are the symptoms of an infertile woman?

The sterility is a problem that can have various causes and can significantly affect the life of a couple. Sterility is not the same as infertility, since the former is defined as the inability to conceive after a year of attempts, while infertility is the impossibility of securing pregnancy.

The infertility is defined as the inability to maintain a pregnancy, indicating that all will end in spontaneous abortions. It is worth mentioning that the terms are often used synonymously. Although this is not technically correct, it is quite common.

It is also common that they are used to refer to any difficulty with pregnancy, whether it is problems in conceiving or bringing the pregnancy to term. There are women who have infertility, so an important question is to define what are the symptoms of a sterile woman .

Sterility is not a problem that has specific symptoms ¬†because it is defined when a woman’s pregnancies do not arrive , or there are difficulties in conceiving. However, although it is not possible to speak of symptoms of a sterile woman, it is possible to consider some causes that are associated with sterility.

Causes associated with female sterility: what are they?

Diseases of the cervix such as endometriosis can lead to problems of sterility. Endometriosis is a disease that causes cells in the lining of the uterus to   grow outside the uterus, which leads to difficulties in staying or pregnant or maintaining pregnancy. Other diseases can also lead to sterility.

The malformations or terinas can be another cause leading to infertility. Malformations occur in many women and as a consequence leads the woman to have difficulty getting pregnant or so she can carry her pregnancy to term.

The age of the woman can also be associated with sterility. An older woman may have more difficulty getting pregnant than a younger woman, we must take into account that when the woman reaches 35 years of age , sterility decreases strongly, so it is always advised that if you are trying to get pregnant , It is important to go to the specialist doctor within 6 months of attempts that have not come to term.

A very common cause of women infertility is problems with ovulation . These occur in 25% of women who have difficulty getting pregnant. Problems with ovulation can be because the woman does not have a regular cycle or produces few eggs, before diagnosing infertility because of this, the gynecologist and obstetrics will give the woman medication, to solve this problem.

The obesity or extreme thinness also associated with fertility problems. A woman who is significantly overweight may have difficulty getting pregnant and the same applies to someone who is extremely thin or performs a lot of exercise, staying at the ideal weight is the healthiest thing to get pregnant.


Symptoms of infertility in women: are there more?

Considering these causes of infertility, some of the symptoms of infertility can be identified, these being understood as possible signs that a woman has difficulty conceiving. It is important to emphasize that sterility does not have any fixed symptoms and that problems in conceiving or maintaining pregnancy can be treated successfully on many occasions.

The following are the most common signs of sterility:

  • Age (40 years and over)
  • Problems with the reproductive system
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Diseases of the cervix
  • Malformations utero

What symptoms can the causes of female infertility present?

It is worth examining the s and NaLES associated problem to s gynecologic further. These types of problems may more likely indicate that there is a sterility problem . These symptoms of a sterile woman can be:

  • Excessive pain during menstruation (possible sign of endometriosis)
  • Excessive bleeding during menstruation (possible sign of endometriosis)
  • Pelvic pain (possible sign of endometriosis)
  • Irregular periods ( associated with polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Bit periods fre c uents (associated with ovulation problems)
  • Problems associated with hormonal irregularities (acne, excessive hair growth, obesity)
  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes (mainly caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or chlamydia)

Another thing that may indicate problems associated with fertility is the presence of little habits sa ludables . These habits, especially in older women, can contribute to problems with pregnancy. These can be:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and / or other substances.
  • Smoking , especially excessively.
  • Eat in an unhealthy way , consume lots of caffeine.
  • Eating too much or too little .
  • Do little exercise / e XERCISE excess .


What solutions can be proposed for sterility in women?

In contrast, it would be important to also consider what are the solutions for a woman who has any of the symptoms of a sterile woman. These solutions may vary depending on the problem. Let’s consider what they are.



A possible solution to the sterility caused by bad habits is the change of lifestyle. A woman may seek to lose weight or have a more balanced diet. It may be helpful to limit tobacco and alcohol consumption as well. A healthier lifestyle will promote pregnancy.



If the woman experiences an irregular, very painful, very scarce or abundant cycle, it may be important to go to the doctor and expose the problem to her. Doing so before a woman starts planning to become pregnant can help prevent future sterility problems that can lead to more complications.



Poor ovulation and other problems associated with the reproductive system can be treated with drugs that promote ovulation and help correct the cycle. In this way achieving pregnancy is easier.



In some cases, surgery helps. This can be used to correct some defect or remove tissues that have appeared because of endometriosis. Surgery may help correct sterility in some cases.



If it is difficult for the couple to conceive, assisted reproduction methods can be used . This allows solving the sterility problem.

With many problems associated with sterility, it is important to detect them early and intervene . These problems may require the intervention of a physician to diagnose the problem and treat it.

If a woman recognizes the symptoms, it is important to take the necessary measures to avoid or put the necessary means to solve it. Health problems can get worse over time and be more difficult to treat.

If you recognize any of the signs described above in yourself or in a relative or someone from your environment, you should go to the doctor and review the situation. For this it is good to go to a specialized clinic that offers services of diagnosis and treatment focused on fertility . The Indautxu Clinic offers a specialized service in this type of treatments.







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